Some say travel is the one thing in life that really makes you richer. Others, they say it’s helping people that creates a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

At Charistay we believe you can combine the two.

Here at Charistay, we help you combine your love of travel and joy of helping others, all in one simple way.

We’re passionate, not only about travel, but about doing it in a way that can make a positive impact on the world around us. It cannot be denied, the revenue that tourism brings can have a large positive impact on the local area, however, this can also come at a cost. That’s why we developed Charistay.

Every time you book in to one of our partner hotels, a donation is made to a local charity in the area – at no extra cost to you. As a Social Enterprise we’re not driven by profits and shareholders but by our passion to make a difference, meaning you can be sure that our partner hotels and charities are our top priorities.

In 2016 we embarked on a journey to create an online platform whereby people could book hotel stays with sustainable, responsible hotels with a portion of the commission going straight to a charity in the local area. Whilst there are local charities who do amazing work in combating the damage done by the modern world, they are often poorly funded and do not get the public exposure they really need to fulfil their potential. This platform gives them more exposure and allows travellers from all over the world to see the good work these charities are doing.