Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

We’ve partnered with some great independently run, sustainable hotels and local charities to bring you a platform whereby every time you book in, you give back! We promote our partners on the Charistay site and, for our beta launch, once you’ve decided on which hotel you’d like to stay with, you can send a booking request via us. The hotel has 24 hours to accept or decline your booking and we’ll then send you an email to let you know. If the hotel has availability we’ll send you a link to complete payment of the deposit listed on the website. Once payment is complete you’ll receive your confirmation! You’ll still get great rates safe in the knowledge that your hotel is not paying big commission rates that some of the big booking platforms charge. The deposit you pay covers the cost of running Charistay as well as a donation to your chosen hotel’s partner charity. The rest is reinvested into future Charistay projects!

Do I book my hotel stay with you?

Charistay is not a travel agent, but a platform that promotes sustainable hotels. For our beta launch, any enquiries you send, and any hotel confirmation will be sent via us however once your booking is confirmed, Charistay no longer has any involvement in your booking – we simply give you an easier way to find great, independent sustainable hotels and a way to help local charities! Remember, the only way we can give our donation is if you enquire through our website!


How does Charistay make money?

We include a service fee as part of the overall cost of your booking. Despite this, the price you pay is still competitive with mainstream booking platforms as we receive discounted rates from our hotel partners. The difference with Charistay is that our hotel partners set their own prices, meaning that they are not charged high commission fees that is often the case with other platforms. The price they set is the price they receive. From the service fee we take our costs, make a donation to the hotel’s partner charity and the rest is reinvested into future Charistay projects so that we can help more sustainable businesses.

Can I choose which charity benefits from my stay?

The concept behind Charistay is that every time you stay with a hotel, the donation made as a result of your booking is directly benefitting a local charity in the area you are staying in. As a result we are unable to allow guests to choose which charity benefits from our donation. We currently have one charity partner per hotel but are always looking to expand. If you know of a great charity which might benefit from partnering with us then please contact us at


How do you choose your hotel partners?

We’re committed to partnering with independently run hotels who share our passion for the environment and sustainability. We also know that hotels can be sustainable in different ways depending on their nature and location. As such we consider each one on its individual merits using a number of criteria to help us make a decision. You can find details of what we look for in our partner hotels here.


How do you choose your charity partners?

We understand that each charity is different and so, when we find prospective partners, we review each one on an individual basis. For us the main requirement is that the charity is local. Whilst it can have an registered office elsewhere, the operations must all take place in the area where the charity is based and directly benefit that local community or environment. Unfortunately this means we cannot accept any international organizations or spin-offs of larger charities. We also look for charities who have no political or religious affiliations (though we do review this when we receive an application). We understand that becoming a registered charity can be a long and expensive process and so we do consider unregistered organizations though all charities must be able to demonstrate that they operate in a legal and transparent way. For more information as to what we consider please take a look here.


How do I become a hotel or charity partner?

Firstly, thanks for your interest in becoming one of our partners, we are always looking to create new partnerships and provide opportunities to support local organizations! Whilst we appreciate that every hotel/charity is slightly different, we have some criteria that we use when reviewing a potential partner. You can find the criteria for both hotels and charities in the Hotel Criteria and Charity Criteria tabs on our homepage. If you feel that you meet the criteria, or want to discuss anything in more detail then please contact us at


My favourite hotel/ charity are not yet partnered with you but I think they would be a great fit- What do I do?

That’s great! We love receiving recommendations for potential partners. Please contact us at to let us know and we can check them out.


Our company are interested in sponsoring Charistay- how can we do this?

First of all thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring our work, we really appreciate your consideration. In order to discuss how you can help please contact us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.