Hotel Criteria

We’re committed to partnering with hotels who share our passion for the environment and sustainability. We review potential hotel partners of an individual basis but the hotels we work with follow some or all of the below criteria:

  • Using renewable energy and being energy efficient. This can include the use of solar panels, wind power and low energy lighting. Energy efficient hotels will also not wash linen/towels everyday (unless requested).
  • Waste Management- Hotels will have effective recycling policies in place to minimise waste and maximise the use of recycled materials. Where possible, any amenities supplied will be recyclable or made from recycled products.
  • Conservation awareness. Hotels will avoid marketing souvenirs produced from threatened/protected animals or plants, and will actively encourage the growth of the natural environment through using native species of flora and fauna in their grounds.
  • Pollution Prevention., This includes the use of natural pesticides and detergents, both in the hotel and grounds to minimise the risk of pollution in the local area. Any toiletries supplied should, where possible, be natural.
  • Water conservation. This will be dependent on the local area but, where possible, hotels will have systems which use water efficiently including either reusing or recycling.
  • Connection with locals. This can cover involvement in local Community, either through employment of locals to work in the hotel or local services such as transport, purchasing of products such as fresh produce to be used in the hotel’s restaurant, or the sale of locally made crafts. This connection ensures that money is being fed back into the community.
  • Education and Outreach- We welcome hotels with programs in place to educate guests and/or locals about the dangers our environment is facing, as well as highlighting the benefits of sustainable living!

If you think your charity might be a good fit, or you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us at for more information!