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World Water Day 2021

We live on a blue planet. Seventy per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, which is undeniably our planet’s most precious natural resource. Water is the source of life, and all creatures benefit from it – from the smallest microbe to the largest whale. For us humans, it is no different. We […]

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Voluntourism – A great way to give back or a dangerous circle of exploitation?

Nowadays the concept of ‘voluntourism’, the combination of tourism and charity work, has rapidly flourished beyond the traditional gap-year activity to become a multimillion-dollar industry, for everyone from school leavers to retirees. Spending a week volunteering in an orphanage or building a house might seem like a selfless way to spend your holiday, but research [...]
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What A Difference A Stay Makes

Should we carbon offset?

Morning Brew on Unsplash Most sustainable travellers around the world have heard of carbon offsetting, a scheme providing travellers with a way to purchase ‘carbon credits’. These credits are invested  in projects that absorb the carbon from your footprint, the aim being to make you and your travels carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting seems ideal: it [...]
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single-use plastics

The travel industry: Trying to quash the single-use plastic addiction

Photo by Dustan Woodhouse on Unsplash ingle-use plastics have become one of the worst synthetic materials to impact the world. In almost every shop there is a piece of plastic that will inevitably end up in the ocean or landfill. An estimate of 513 million tons of plastic wind up in the ocean each year. [...]
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