Charity Criteria

Here at Charistay we are always looking to create new partnerships and provide opportunities to support local organizations. We understand that each charity is different and so, when we find prospective partners, we review each one on an individual basis. Some of the qualities we look for in an organization include:

  • One that is locally run and independent
  • Has a clear mission or aim that supports the environment, wildlife, and/or social issues and can demonstrate how this is carried out within the work they do
  • Operates transparently and can account for all costings, providing us with a break-down if required
  • Does not promote any political or religious message (organisations can have a religious affiliation but cannot actively promote the teachings of one particular religion over another)
  • If applicable, adheres to the fair trade principles including, but not limited to fair pay and working conditions, and non-discriminatory practices.

If you think your charity might be a good fit, or you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us for more information!